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Chemistry BS, Nutrition MS
Conscious Dance Trainer & DJ
Spiritual Counseling & Healing
Meditation Practitioner & Teacher
Kriya Yoga & Breath-work Facilitator
Sacred Ceremony & Ritual Facilitator
Initiated Pleiadian Energy Lightworker
Vocalist, Musician, Writer, Composer
Audio Book & Meditation Narration


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We begin with an energy healing guided meditation and consultation.

Pinpoint mental-emotional and spiritual blocks and discover the correlating negative thoughts so you can begin to release from a cellular the root cause. 

Receive tools and practices in your session including. You will receive take away wisdom and home-work that will support you to continue your healing journey at home and on your own. 

Star has helped hundreds of people connect with their innate gifts & talents as a natural by-product of clearing away stress, tension, fear and anger in just a few sessions (online or in-person).


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This work is really important in the world with everything that is happening.   It is so important for people to be in their bodies, connected and breathing.  After a healing session with Star, I had a Solar Plexus awakening and opening. I had the guidance to release something really big that has made a wonderful impact on my life. This work has been profound for me.  –Lia Schultz


Welcome to the Circular Breathing journey. You will lay down in restorative and comfortable positions using blankets, pillows and props. You will receive one-on-one hands on assistance during the session.

Circular Breathing is a powerful breathing technique and process that allows the practitioner to release their birth trauma and old wounds from their past and even past lives. 

You will be guided into a trance like state, using the breath technique, in this state you can easily let go of stress, tension, past trauma, emotional wounds and pain from the body.


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I Just completed a healing session with the lovely, gifted and very professional Star Triana. If you are looking to clear negative thought patterns, emotional bondage, past traumas etc. (we all have it to some degree) she has a very safe and sacred space to facilitate your healing and put your mind, body and spirit back at ease. Josh McBride, Addiction Treatment Specialist


Receive the support you need to birth your visions out into the world.

Star will help you craft your idea for your client sessions, class, workshop, website or retreat. For those who take her teacher training, you will receive a discount on your sessions.

Star will listen to your ideas and co-create an inspirational space where together you can tune into your energy and higher self as you are lovingly guided to birth your visions.


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Heal through dance as you awaken your intuition and soul gifts, balance your feminine and masculine energy and realize the holistic connection between your mind(thoughts)-body(emotions)-spirit(energy).

Star has crafted classes, retreats, trainings and workshops that have helped thousands of people step into holistic daily rituals and life-long practices.

Her Soul Passion is helping to raise consciousness on the planet with ecstatic dance as the vehicle and somatic embodiment, breath-work and energy healing practices as the primary tools. 


Ecstatic Dance Training

Chakra Dance Training

Arielle Star

her earlier life

Born as Arielle Star, she received a Master's Degree in Nutrition, Bachelors Degree in Chemistry, post graduate studies in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Neuroscience and Bio-frequency Medicine.

She holds certifications in: Quan Yin Energy Healing, Reiki Healing and Pleiadian Lightwork Healing.

Star studied with an enlighten yoga master in India and is an initiated Kriya Yoga Teacher and Pranayama (Breathwork) Coach and Kundalini Meditation Teacher.

Certified Kundalini Dance, Ecstatic Dance, 5Rhythms, Pleiadian Tantra and the Sacred Art of Belly Dance.


Star's grandmother was a masterful energy healer who passed along the inspiration for her to carry on the tradition of healing through energy and intention.   Star's mother was an actress, teacher, belly dancer and yogini who inspired Star to begin her spiritual path at the age of three when they began doing yoga and belly dancing together. 

Star's natural healing abilities awakened during her six month of silence in India spending 17 hours per day in meditation. During this time she became hyper sensitive to energy and the subtle bodies and energies.  She has developed ways of being that keep her grounded and connected in the 3rd dimension while also working with the 4th & 5th dimensions.

"Ecstatic Dance is the new Yoga" ~Star Triana


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