Opening to Love in All Seven Chakras

Opening to Love takes stability from our Root Chakra, when we know who we are, we can give our love from an authentic place.

Opening to Love takes courage from our Sacral Chakra to emotionally open and relax any tension from past hurts and trauma. 

Opening to greater Love takes strength from our Solar Plexus to stand firm in our healthy boundaries so we can love even deeper.

Opening to greater Love requires us to Forgive and Let Go of resentment and hatred for others, to create space in our Hearts.

Opening to Love requires our Throat Chakra to be open so we can speak our Hearts Deepest Desires and deeply listen to others.

Opening to Love requires Trusting in the Insights of our Third Eye.

Opening to Love is a Crown Chakra Bliss Connection from where

We draw Divine Light from Source.


"Dance is the Alchemy of Ecstasy" ~Star Triana


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