Chakras are energetic gateways that radiate outward from our bodies combining to form our Aura or Energetic Field.  These gateways are cone shaped, spiraling outward becoming larger as they move away from our bodies.  These circular energies of light help regulate the physical body and deliver information to us and send or reflect information away from us.


These energetic gateways allow Universal energy to flow in and out of our bodies. As science has proven everything is energy.  This energy is always moving or vibrating. Everything in the Universe vibrates at its own unique frequency.  Every cell and organ in your body vibrates at its own frequency.  Our cells are sending and receiving information continuously, as these cells make up tissue and organs, this process of sending and receiving information continues. 


As a whole human, we are constantly sending and receiving information with our environment. As information is exchanged, it comes to us by first entering our Chakras or Energetic Field. The information is received via the Chakra and then translated to us.  If the information or energetic vibration of the information is traveling faster than the speed of light, it is received through the Chakra as a subtle energy.  If the information is traveling slower then the speed of light, it is received via the Chakra and felt as a sensory and will have impact on the physical reality. The chakras essentially act as interfaces between our physical body and the subtle energy fields. 


Chakra Structure

Each Chakra has a front and back side that both encompass a left and right side. The left and right are in relation to the person's left and right sides of their body while the front and back correlate with the front and back of the person. Chakras are circular as mentioned earlier; there is an inner circle and an outer circle. These circle or wheels rotate in relation to each other.  A healthy balanced chakra will rotate clockwise.

The left side of the body correlates with the left side of the Chakras and is the yin or feminine energy while the right side represents your masculine or yang energy.  The opposite hemisphere of the brain regulates each half of the body with the left side of the body being governed by the right side of the brain and vice versa.


Each Chakra influences the body in a unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way.  The experiences we have on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes will directly affect one’s chakras in a positive or negative way.  Our chakras direct energy into and away from our bodies, which directly affects our health and well being. How chakras and your body relate to each other can be looked at through Chakra Psychology and the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Realms.


What Blocks Our Chakras

Childhood traumas, repressed or unexpressed emotions, limited belief systems, old grief, and any negative experience that traumatizes the mind-body-soul can cause a blockage or imbalance in your chakra.  It can be a physical trauma, emotional trauma or mental trauma.


Types of Trauma

The Physical Realm:

The Masculine side of the body is the right side.  Masculine energy is active, dominating and linear and will reflect one’s inner male as well as one’s relationship with men and patriarchy. 

The Feminine side of the body is the left side. Female energy is spiritual, reflective, passive and intuitive and will reflect one’s inner female as well as one’s relationship with women and matriarchy.

If there is a physical injury to the body this can in turn cause an imbalance, distortion or blockage in the Chakra.  If the chakra becomes distorted this will affect the flow of energy in and out of the chakra and essentially cause an overactive or under-active chakra depending on the type of blockage.


The Mental Realm:

Many times it is our own minds caught in old loops and patterns that take us down a negative thinking path.  Our thought patterns are connected with our experiences and karmic imprints. Clearing the mental layers will help break those old loops and patterns.


The Emotional Realm:

How we deal with our emotions, how we express our emotions and how we even feel our emotions is all determined by the health of our chakras.  If we have childhood trauma related to our second chakra (ages 6 months to 2.5 years), this can cause one to suppress emotions to the point they do not even know when they are angry, hurt or frustrated.  


Chakra Developmental Stages


First        Womb to 6 months

Second   6 months to 2.5 years

Third       2.5 to 4.5 years

Fourth     4.5 to 6.5 years

Fifth        8.5 to 8.5 years

Sixth       8.5 to 14 years

Seventh  14 to 21 years


We are born with our Chakras however they activate as we mature. Each Chakra correlates with a particular developmental stage.

The traumas and issues occurring during childhood become operating programs and determine thought, emotion and behavior. 









If you have experienced childhood trauma, addressing your issues through the systems of the Chakras could be a wonderful way to heal the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your being.

Chakra Dance