What Happens After Death?

Many of us know about Samsara or The Cycle of Reincarnation. Here is an extended perspective, The Three Gateways.

We can think of death as leaving this body. At the time of death we enter a tube of light. This is what many come back from near death experiences and describe as going towards the light. This hallway of light that they speak of is our own Tube Of Light or Central Channel or Shashumna located from our perineum up to the top of our head. When we die, we first enter our Tube Of Light and it feels as though we are gliding through a hallway, going towards a bright light. Once we travel through the hallway or tube, we come out on the other side and have three choices of where to go.


✨The First Gateway After Death


At the end of the hallway of light, there will be the first “Doorway” or Pathway through which we can enter. Here we will see people we know who have died, even pets will be there. For some, they will think this is heaven and go here. What is it really? This is the doorway to reincarnation. If you feel unresolved with anyone that you see here, you may feel a strong pull to enter and reincarnate. If you feel complete with everyone and all of your experiences, and even if you don’t, you can pass this opportunity and continue down to the next pathway.


✨The Second Gateway After Death


At the next doorway you will see the Gods, Goddesses, Gurus and Saviors that you connect with or have connected with. This can be an inviting opportunity if your greatest desire has been to merge with your Guru, God, Goddess or Savior. If you enter this doorway and your greatest wish was to merge with them, then your Soul’s deepest desire will be fulfilled. Be careful at this doorway, as it will be illuminated and tempting if you have been following a particular God, Goddess, Guru or Savior. Know that if you merge with them, you will be subjected to their limitations, whatever limitations they may have and that there is something greater waiting for you if you don’t choose this.


✨The Third Gatway After Death


If you choose to by-pass the first two opportunities, you can continue down the pathway. At this point the pathway is no longer illuminated with light, now it has become dark. As you move toward the end of the hallway, you will see darkness. This is what is referred to as the void, or Shiva, “that which is not, the unmanifested.” Entering this pathway you enter into the Cosmos and are free to explore, travel and experience any place in the Universe.



Take Your Time...



There is no need to rush when you leave the body. You don’t need to choose immediately to reincarnate or merge with your Gods or go into the Void. You can hang out in the intermediary phase until you decide which pathway you wish you to choose. Remember, you have free-will and can exercise this divine right to create your life and experiences anyway you wish, even in the after life.🙏  ~Star Triana


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