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Sacral Chakra Psychology Session

Sacral Chakra. Element Water. 

Ovaries, Testie, Hips, Pelvis, Lower Vertebrae,

Large Intestines and Bladder.

Sacral Chakra Information 

When we Awaken the Sacral Chakra it is a full-bodied, fluid expression of the flowing, watery essence of Shakti (Earth Energy). When we enter the gateway of our Sacral Chakra we dive into the feeling depths of our womb (for women) or hare (for men). Surrendering to the flow of life in our dance, we dissolve concepts of our mind and say yes to feeling deeply. Opening into our vulnerability as a gateway to our inner wellspring of life force, the source of our divinity.


Bringing the Sacral Chakra into balance will help us with Sexuality, Love, Emotional Intelligence, and Ability to Experience Pleasure, Ability to Flow with Change, Healthy Boundaries and Passionate, Creativity


If the Sacral Chakra is under active, we lack the juice to carry through our creative impulses; we abort them and distract ourselves. We have the possibility to shift creative inertia and activate our creative life force through purifying and energetically cultivating the Sacral Chakra.

Sacral Chakra Map 

Sacral Chakra Guided Meditation & Breathwork

Listen to this track with headphones, when you can sit in a relaxed way and take in the information and practice the breathwork.

Sacral Chakra Journal Questions 

  • What has been your pattern around sexual relationships?


  • Are you aware of any negative loops that you have been living out, cycling again and again?



  • What beliefs around sexuality have you carried from your same sex parent, grandparent, and genetic family line? If you are a man, look at father’s line, if you are women reflect upon your mother’s line.


  • What aspects of your sexuality are unclaimed, what have you judged or denied? Often we project our denied or disowned aspects onto others, what we judge most is usually the unseen shadow aspects of self.



  • Is there anyone you need to forgive, to free and claim your sexual power as your own? If so can you see them in there own dysfunctional wounding and release the connection through forgiving them? 

Sacral Chakra Contemplation & Journal Session

Have your pen and journal near by and pause the audio file when you need to write something down when you need to.


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