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  • Entering The Gateway of the Heart Chakra

  • Shamanic Heart Chakra Sound Healing


Entering The Gateway of The Heart Chakra

As we enter the gateway of the heart chakra, in the silence of the still heart, we learn to listen to the whispers of our inner voice.  In the stillness of the heart may we discern what is love’s voice and what is not.  In our silence may we deepen our connection to the compassionate inner witness and from this point on may that awareness never stop.  When we enter the gateway of the heart chakra we soar into the silent knowing of ourselves as one with the source of love. Remember we are One, Union, Yoga, within the temple of our heart, there is no more separation. 

Heart Chakra Shamanic Sound Healing

This is the Shamanic Heart Chakra Purification Sound Healing & Meditation.

Listen with headphones on and sit quietly as you foucs on your Heart Chakra.

You can listen to this recording more then once.


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