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Aum Bliss

Kriya Yoga Practice

Scientific Approach to Self-Realization

Kriya Yoga Practice

Learn a Kriya Yoga Practice that incorporates your breath, energy and focused attention to achieve a state of Bliss, Balance and Inner Peace.


Kriya Yoga is the ancient science of self realization. Pranayama are the practices that combine one's breath, focused attention and mindful awareness. 



  • Focused Attention

  • Energetic Practices

  • Breathwork Techniques

AUM Bliss Practice


The Aum Bliss Meditation is a Daily Practice that comes from the Kriya Yoga lineage.


The practice allows one to leave the immediate realm and merge with the cosmic realm through scientific techniques.


When this happens, naturally the lower qualities of the mind weaken and soon dissolve.


One is meant to practice discipline with the Aum Bliss Kriya Yoga practice by doing the practice everyday.


You will do the practice twice daily for first 40 days and then once a day after that in order to receive the benefits.


About AUM Bliss

Over 1 million people have been initiated in the AUM Bliss Kriya Yoga Practice.  This practice originates in India from the Kriya Yoga lineage and has been passed from Guru to disciple through lengthy and austere trainings.



About Teacher

Star spent many years in India with her Kriya Yoga Guru going through intense and austere yoga teacher training.  Since then, Star has initiated thousands of people into this practice and she looks forward to sharing it with you.

AUM Bliss




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