Breathwork is the Master Key for Self Healing.  Our breathing patterns tell the story of how relaxed or anxious we are.  Holding or restricting the breath is the most common bad habit.  When we become focused on work or in our unawareness we may hold our breath and literally forget to breath.  Breathwork or Pranayam practices allow us to heal and restore our natural and healthy breathing patterns while we release, renew and recharge.  


Pranayama. Pranayama derived from the Kriya Yoga lineage is an ancient system of breathing. Within this modality there are many techniques of breathing that directs energy within your body to specific organs, body parts, nervous system and adrenal system. It is the more complicated of the types of breathwork and takes discipline to learn and daily persaverance however, the benefits are deeply healing and well worth the time and attention it takes.


Conscious Connected Breathing. Open Mouth Breathing is one of the quickest ways to bring in the maximum amount of oxygen. It has been referred to as the Rebirthing Breath, Liberation Breath, Transformationl Breath and Empowerment Breath. They are similar in that they use the conscious connected open mouth breahing technique.


Gamma Breath. Activating each of the brain waves states can be done through our breath. This practice can be taught in about 5 minutes and can be done anytime anywhere for one minute up to 45 minutes. It quickly activates each of the brain wave states, brining a balance and feeling of being calm and energized at the same time.


Pranayama Breathwork


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