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As we dance, we will move energy throughout our entire body, mind and spirit. We will naturally awaken places that are blocked or dormant and begin to release and let go. ​Our dance is a journey through the elements of earth, water, fire, love (air), prayer (sound) and light. As we dance, we use breath and sound to awaken the seven chakras; root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye and the crown.

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Experience dance as a spiritual practice and pathway to embodiment and knowing yourself more deeply. Learn healing dance techniques for awakening your creativity, intuition and the wisdom within as you heal your mind-body-soul connection. Each person receives healing in the dance. In just one dance it is possible to have a profound release, shift and transformation.
Here is what one participant had to say...
I feel like after just one dance, years and years and years and years of stuff just alchemized and released. In just one dance my anxiety level dropped so much, from like a ten to a two which is incredible! Masa.
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Embody healing dance techniques for awakening your creativity, intuition and the wisdom within. Learn a grounding meditation that helps you connect with your body. Experience practices that allow you to embody all of your healing tools, intentions and wisdom.


Learn somatic practices that will get you out of your head and in your body, with an ability to communicate with your sensations and connect with your intuition. Embody ecstatic dance experiences filled with ritual, ceremony, breath practices and healing.

Here is what one participant had to say...
The dance helped me integrate all of my healing tools in a way that I’m not just knowing it but I’m also living it. I also found the dance to be a quick path to healing and processing past trauma. Phyllis

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You can attend a class, workshop, retreat or training. Simply visit our events page for upcoming opportunities. If you would like to schedule a private class, please contact us, use the information below. We can also come to your town!



Getting the practice in your body and in your cellular memory with a weekend retreat and then weekly classes.


Learning means you commit to the practice and to your growth process.



Those who want to learn will teach.


Those who came before you will help you.

Hi, I'm Arielle Star. I've helped hundreds of people step into an embodied life style with conscious dance at the core.
My awakening came while spending six month in silence, living at an ashram in South India, one day in meditation I received an insight that would change my life forever. 
I've published a book called Heal Through Dance, created a conscious dance studio, facilitator training program and healing arts center. I look forward to sharing more with you soon. 

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