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Crown Chakra Information

As we enter the gateway of the Crown Chakra we seek an intimate connection with the Divine, with our Higher Selves and with Source. The purpose of the Crown Chakra is to connect with the light of source and bring divine consciousness back down into our bodies and into our daily thoughts and decisions. Tapping into and Connecting with our higher consciousness allows our spiritual intelligence to guide us in our physical lives. 


Crown Chakra is experienced in the energetic and light realms with the primary strengths being devotion, transcendent ideas, mystical connections, faith, divine insight and a sense of trust that the universal order of all things is divine.


The developmental stage for the Crown Chakra is throughout adulthood and it is associated with maturity and a need for self realization. Crown Chakra focus is on creating meaning in ones life through actions, relationships, spirituality and emotional balance. 


We dance the Crown Chakra with an intention to marry the divine feminine and masculine energies in each of our chakras bringing balance and allowing us to enter states of non duality.




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