with Star Triana 

We teach what we most desire to learn.

Do you feel called to help consciousness expand through dance and movement?

This program is much more then dance!

Are you ready to step into a sacred leadership role?

Receive Initiations into powerful practices and Connect more deeply with yourself.

Who Is This For?

>>Coaches, Yoga teachers, Dance facilitators, Fitness instructors, Holistic health practitioners, therapists, and anyone that wants to bring more dance into their lives, this is an exquisite way to do it.

>>This training is perfect for anyone wanting to be an Ecstatic Dance DJ & facilitator or for anyone who wants to create their own unique conscious dance offering and just needs the tools to do it.

>>This training is great for anyone who wants to be a community leader, and bring new ways of working and being into their lives. 

>>This training is for anyone who wants to get more in their body and balance between their analytical mind and their creative side.

Blessings Sweet Soul,

Do you feel called to join the Conscious Dance Movement that is happening on our planet? If so, then this Dance Training program I've created may be for you.

Let's find out if this is right for you. After you read about the program, you can send me a message and schedule a free ten minute consultation.

Ecstatic Ripples of Love and Light,  

Star Triana

Are you feeling the call?

If your Soul is Saying  YES... scroll down to dates and pricing and visit our Enrollment Page.

If you have any questions, send a message using the form at the very bottom of the page.


  • Learn new ways to embody movement and dance in your body.

  • Learn rhythms, BPM (beats per min.) and styles of music for dance.

  • Take Home: Manual, Meditations, Dance Maps, and a Music Playlist.

  • Learn ecstatic dance techniques you can use in your dance practice.

  • Learn how to facilitate a heart sharing circle at the end of your dance.



In the training we will dance everyday, going over the energetics of each dance technique. Receive everything you need to go home and create your own unique Ecstatic Dance  Journey for yourself  and your community.


Receive One-On-One Guidance and Group Support in this Teacher Training.


Receive Manual, Dance Maps, Playlists and all the Music you need to get started.


Receive Everything you need to go home and create your own unique offering.


In the Training Course you will learn the Earth breath and the Love Breath technique which are alchemical breathing techniques that connect you with your Chakras, Body-Mind & Energy. 

You will learn the energetics of dance and how to embody and facilitate the following dance techniques for ecstatic dance: Circle Dance, Infinity Dance, Earthing, Tribal Dance, Trance Dance, Expressive Dance and Contemplative Dance.


Take home music playlists and a teacher training manual so you can create your own ecstatic dance offering in your community.

what you receive

Example of

Daily Schedule:

9am to 7pm

(2hour lunch break)


Dance Techniques

Music Playlists

Music Alchemy: BPM

How to make Playlist

Grounding Meditation

Alchemical Breath Practice

How to Start Your Dance

Language for your Dance


Bring with you


DJ Application

USB 2GB (new in package)

Yoga Mat, Blanket & Water bottle

Comfy clothing you can dance in

Extra money for lunch - local restaurants

You will take home your materials and receive the wisdom you need to create your own unique Ecstatic Dance offering in your community. 

dates & pricing

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