Embody Yourself

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With everything that is happening in the world today, It's time to offer an online class that will support you to disconnect from the chaos and connect with yourself in a profound way.
In the Embody Yourself series you will learn practices that blend ancient wisdom with modern technology for embodiment. Experience mediation, breath-work, somatic movement, energy healing, yoga and dance designed specifically for this series.

Embody Wisdom

ancient & modern

SHAKTI: Learn movement practices that help you cultivate Shakti "Life-force" Energy. When you can cultivate this energy within yourself, you can deeply heal your karmic wounds and experience of this life and beyond as well as manifest your dreams in powerful ways.
KUNDALINI: Learn ancient practices for awakening your Kundalini energy. This energy is located at the base of your spine. When you cultivate your Kundalini energy, you can create healing energy, heal your heart and awaken your third eye. In this program you will learn to cultivate your Kundalini energy and move it through your Chakras, as you tantrically awaken your energy centers.


become one

What does embodiment mean? It means to become One with Yourself. It means to be grounded in your body, with the ability to use your body as a way to tap into deeper levels of wisdom and communication.
What does in mean to NOT be in our body? When we are not in our bodies, we can feel anxiety, have fearful thoughts, feelings of overwhelm and disconnection. When we are in our body, we feel grounded with a strong sense of belonging and a ability to create our life the way we wish while having an abundance mindset. Many people are not connect with their body, due to past trauma or pain or continually distracted with thoughts. 
Why be Embodied? Our body is consistently communicating to us. All the information we need for self healing is embedded and encoded in each cell of our being. All of our past experiences or karma is stored in the layers of our being including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You can access your wisdom by getting into your body.

Online Classes

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FACEBOOK & ZOOM: Classes will live stream from our private Facebook & Zoom group. They will also be recorded and made available after the live class. Receive private link after you register, below.


3 tiers of payment

Level One $333: Includes Private Facebook & Zoom Group with weekly Live Stream Classes, 2Hour Private Healing Session.

Level Two $222:  Includes Private Facebook & Zoom Group with weekly Live Stream Classes, One Hour Private Healing Session.

Level Three $88: Private Facebook & Zoom Group with weekly Live Stream Classes, no private sessions