Become an Empowered Ecstatic Dance & Somatic Embodiment Facilitator who leads classes that blend free-form conscious movement with breath and meditation.
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Hi, I'm Arielle Star. I've helped hundreds of people step into an embodied life style with conscious dance at the core.
My awakening came while spending six month in silence, living at an ashram in South India, one day in meditation I received an insight that would change my life forever. 
During deep meditation and stillness, movement began to awaken at the bottom of my spine.  My spine began to move and vibrate until my entire body was vibrating. In this awakening a message was received..."Dance is the new yoga."
Over the last two decades I've written a book and created a conscious dance studio and training school. I look forward to sharing more with you.

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Conscious Breath

Meditation Wisdom

Heal Through Dance

Embodiment Practices

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JAN 2022 

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