Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training Ecst
Become an Empowered Ecstatic Dance & Somatic Embodiment Facilitator who leads classes that blend free-form conscious movement with energy healing and meditations.


The Training is filled with wisdom that you can use in your daily life as well as in your dance classes.


Learn healing dance techniques for awakening your creativity, intuition and the wisdom within.


Take home all of the tools and materials you need to teach your own class.


This training has helped me in multiple ways both personally and professionally. I feel more grounded and in touch with my body which translates into less physical pain and more ease in movement. Through the daily use of the chakra clearing techniques I have noticed that I am able to keep my vibration high throughout the day which means that all of my interactions are easier and more fluid.  ~Rachel Shapairo, Chef & Holistic Coach

Calling All

Coaches, Yoga teachers, Dance facilitators, Energy healers, Fitness instructors, Holistic health practitioners, Counselors, Therapists, and anyone who wants to heal through dance and/or create an Ecstatic Dance Community in your town.

This training is for anyone who wants to get more in their body and balance between their analytical mind and their creative side.

This program is perfect for anyone going through a shift or transition and could use extra support and tools for their journey.

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JAN 2021 

Training is done via Zoom

Are you ready?


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Heal Through Dance

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