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Embodiment Series


We have created a series of 5 transmissions where we introduce the Key-Codes of our powerful conscious movement practice. 

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The Embodiment Series


Introduction of ecstatic dance and somatic movement. How to start a daily movement practice and embody the key-codes of ecstatic dance and somatic movement in the first class. 

Embodiment Series
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Getting out of your head and into your body as you connect with the element of earth and the root chakra as you are guided through a movement practice for grounding and embodiment.

Embodiment Series Heal Through Dance
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Connect with your intuition and creativity as you are guided through a movement practice to connect with the element of water and your sacral chakra, feeling the sensations in your body.

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Learn how to release and let go of stress and stagnant energy with the Key-Codes for transformational fire practices and solar plexus awakening breath and movement techniques.

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Learn how to heal through dance as you dance the with the elements and balance your chakras. We put together all of the tools from the previous 4 transmissions into one seamless 30min class.

Learn with Arielle Star Triana, author of Heal Through Dance: embodiment practices for awakening higher consciousness with somatic movement and conscious dance at the core.

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After you register for the 5 free transmissions, you will automatically be redirected to the page. You will also receive an email with a link giving you unlimited access to the Embodiment Series (all five classes).
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