Heal Through Dance



Heal Through Dance and Experience The Alchemy of Ecstasy. Dive Deep Into Your Roots and Dance with the Earth. Dance with Water and Move with Your Sensations. Own Your Fire and Invoke The Inner Warrior. Breathe Into Deep Love and Embody your Prayers. As we Journey with Dance, we will also bring in Energy Healing tools, Arch Angels and powerful practices for awakening our Kundalini.

Before Class: You can journal and reflect upon what you would like to shift or change in your life. If you feel blocked in some way, or have a question, write it down and bring it to class.


Before Class: Draw oracle cards, which help you focus on your intentions for the dance. We suggest Animal Spirit or Earth Magic Cards by Stephan Farmer and Goddess Cards by Doreen Virtue.

If you are joining online, create sacred space at home before class begins. Use sage, palo santo, or essential oils to anoint your space. Draw oracle cards if you have them to help you tune into your intention. Have your water, journal and pen near by, you will have time to journal before the sharing circle.

As we dance, we will move energy throughout our entire body, mind and energy. We will naturally awaken places that are blocked or dormant and begin to release and let go. Our dance practice is deeply healing. Have tissues near by. It's possible to have a somatic release including: crying, laughing, coughing, belching or releasing sounds.


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Heal Through Dance
May 16, 11:00 AM
Online & Studio