kriya yoga + pranayama

Kriya Yoga is the ancient science of self realization. The practice of Kriya yoga includes Pranayama which combine mantra, mudra and breath techniques that will promote accelerated spiritual growth and development while awakening profound states of tranquility. 

Kriya practices are cleansing techniques that help cleanse organs in the body and promote clarity of the mind and have a calming effect on our mental state. 


One can achieve a state of Bliss, Balance and Inner Peace by becoming disciplined in the practices of Kriya yoga. 




the practice


The practice of Kriya yoga allows one to leave the immediate realm and merge with the cosmic realm through scientific techniques.


When this happens, naturally the lower qualities of the mind weaken and soon dissolve.


The practice incorporates mudras, mantras and breath techniques that move energy through your mind-body-energy and up and down your spine. 


The practice is a powerful mindfulness tool that will help you calm your mind and bring clarity to your decision making.

The practice brings deeper levels of breath awareness which helps the practitioner to release stress and tension.



of the practice

Calm your mind and nourish your nervous system. Balance the mind, body and energy so you feel your optimal health.  Get focused with an ability to concentrate on the things you want to achieve.


Become more mindful of your breath and thoughts. Experience deeper states of clarity and meditation. Bring mastery to your own energy and mental state. 




Wednesday 6pm

We will do gentle stretching to warm up the body and then we will sit for the AUM Bliss Kriya yoga meditation and mantra practice.


Join us every Wednesday evening for a Kriya Yoga Meditation class with Teacher Star Triana and Live Music with Jaime Triana.


Arrive on-time and be seated ready to begin class by 6pm. Bring yoga mat, pillow, towel and water bottle with room temperature water.


Come on empty stomach, meaning three hours after large meal, two hours after small meal, one hour after light snack.



arielle star triana

Arielle Star went to India to study with an enlightened Kriya Yoga Master by the name of SadGuru Jaggi Vasudev.  She lived at the ashram for nearly 5 years and spent six months in silence as part of her yoga teacher training. She taught in Mumbai and in the Indian School system before coming home to the U.S. She currently teaches at JaiStar Studios which she co-owns with her husband Jaime Triana.