Namaste Series: Mindfulness & Meditation Practices

Yoga is a Science of the mind, not an Exercise for the body. The Namaste Series is based on the ancient Kriya Yoga lineage. Kriay Yoga is the scientific approach to reaching self-realization.


There are many paths one can take to awaken themselves.  One who is intensely on their path of self-realization will have daily meditation and mindful practices. Meditation and Mindfulness Practices reduce our tendency to work on auto-pilot, allowing us to choose how we respond and react in each moment.



Namaste Series

  •  Learn  Minful Breathing Technique 

  •  Learn Daily Mindfulness Practices

  •  Receive Guided Meditation Practices

  •  Learn Scientific Meditation Techniques 


Mindfulness is a state of active attention on the present moment. When you are being mindful, you watch your thougths and feelings from a distance, without judgement. Instead of letting life just pass you by, you take an active role in experiencing each moment, awakening to your experience and personal journey.


Mindfulness Practices reduce our tendency to work on auto-pilot, allowing us to choose how we respond and react in each moment.


Mindful Awareness is about learning to pay attention, in the present moment, without judgment. It’s like training a muscle — training your attention to be where you want it to be.











WEEKLY CLASSES: Learn Mindful Practices from certified facilitator and teacher, Arielle Star Triana.  Receive Audio Files with the Guided Practices for continued at home practice.




  • Learn Daily Mindful Practices

  • Guided Mindful Meditations

  • Practice Mindful Awareness


Monkey Mindfulness.  The Monkey Mind is where our thoughts seem to be just running on continuously, bouncing from one thought to the next, out of control - The monkey mind phase is when we try to sit for meditation and our minds wont stop moving around.


Becoming Meditative. The first step to becoming meditative, is addressing our mind chatter. With daily meditation practices, one can calm the mind and create a space between the thoughts and one's true self.


Path Of Meditation.  Here we learn: We are not our thoughts. Our mind can not be stopped.  What we can do is create a space between us and our thoughts. Daily meditation practices will allow us to create this space.  In this space we can decide to react or not react and finally choose who we wish to be in each and every moment of our life. 








WHAT YOU RECEIVE: Learn Meditation Techniques in Weekly Scheduled Classes. Receive Information About Meditation and Meditation Techniques you can use daily for your spiritual awakening. Receive CD (Audio Files) for continued at home practice.


  • Learn Daily Meditation Practices

  • Receive Guided Meditation Techniques

  • Guided Practice Meditations with Music


Namaste Series

Mindfulness Meditation Practices

  •  2 Part Mindfulness Practice

  •  4 Part Meditation Series

  •  8 Sessions in Namaste Series

  •  Plus Take Home CD with Practices 



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