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The Journey To Discovering Ourselves

June 12, 2015

Having the courage to step into our power and fully embrace our Soul's path and purpose can sometimes be daunting and even down right terrifying. Even if our brains are planning and plotting our next steps, at a cellular level, we may have a program of fear running causing an energetic block, keeping us from really moving forward.  


The path of self-realization is the journey to discovering who we are.


Discovering who I am is the core to my freedom and enlightenment. I know that if I discover every aspect of myself, and not run away from the shadow aspects or challenges, yet face them and go into the wounds with the intention to heal, then I will birth myself into the next evolutionary step needed for my personal growth and full blossoming of my Soul's path and purpose. 


We are not one-dimensional beings; we are no longer only doing one job, one hobby. Look around; It's another Renaissance age upon us. Everyone is offering so many modalities, lineages, practices and ever-expanding vocabularies of more and more conscious classes, products and information.  Where is my brand? What is my name? Who am I in this multi-dimensional reality I am living.


The Conscious Re-Invention of Ourselves into the New Paradigm has been the theme since 2012 and “The Shift” of our energetic poles.  As we Re-Birth ourselves through our own healing process, our Soul gifts and talents are revealed.



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