Yoga means Union, to come together in Oneness and to experience yourself in alignment with creation. Although the word has come to mean a type of exercise here in the United States and in the West, it is actually much deeper then getting a physical workout. Within Yoga there are limbs or branches that support your awakening which include mindfulness, meditation and breathwork.  


Mindfulness is watching your mind and becoming aware of your inner landscape and how you relate to the outer world around you. It is a journey back to the present moment which gets you in touch with yourself, senses and what's happening with in yourself. In todays modern society we are constantly distracted by the internet and television and with all of the violence and over sexualized media, it can cuase us to become numb to life around us. When we develope a sensitivity we become aware of what is happening in the present moment and learn to be in our bodies right here right now.


Meditation is not something you do, it is something you become when you "reach" a meditative state. Meditation is to become balanced in your breath, body, speach and actions. It is a practice by where you create a space between the past and the future, allowing yourself to experience the present moment. Meditation practices create a space between you and your thoughts, giving you an experience of your ture self and authentic essence. In that small space, you have time to make a choice about how you will react in any given moment. Moving out of the lower mind and animal instincts, we move into the higher mind and higher consciousness. 


Breath-work is a powerful tool for purification of our mind, body and emotions. It's one of the quickest paths for releasing blocks and past traumas from our cellular memory. It is also a mindfulness and meditative practice by default in that the process of the breath-work is a mindfulness practice which results in a meditative state. Breath-work leaves you feeling energized, relaxed and clear.


Benefits of Yoga Having a daily practice such as yoga, helps one keep their mind free from unwanted thoughts and helps you stay focused on what you do want.  When you calm your mind each day, you can manifest what you want in our life without distractions. When you are in a meditative and relaxed state within your mind and body, you can alliveate pain the in body while also experiencing life in a more joyful way.



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