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As we dance, we will move energy throughout our entire body, mind and energy. We will naturally awaken places that are blocked or dormant and begin to release and let go.

Heal Through Dance Online Ecstatic Dance Training Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training Ecstatic Dance guidebook
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Experience dance as a spiritual practice and pathway to embodiment and knowing yourself more deeply. Learn healing dance techniques for awakening your creativity, intuition and the wisdom within as you heal your mind-body-soul connection.



Get a taste of our practice in our free online Embodiment Series. In this 5 class series you will get to experience some of the healing dance techniques we use in our practice. scroll down, link below.



Heal Through Dance is a guidebook for creating ecstatic dance and somatic movement practices. It is for dancers, beginners and instructors who are interested in ecstatic dance for awakening consciousness and healing. Our practice is based on the book Heal Through Dance, the finalist in 2022 International Book Awards Winner.

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Author Arielle Star Triana, or Star, as she is lovingly known to her students, distills her wisdom into a seamless guidebook designed for beginners, dancers and facilitators who are interested in free form movement and learning how to awaken and heal through dance. 



Getting the practice in your body and in your cellular memory is the first step of our training. It is important to embody the practice so that it comes from a place of feeling instead of thinking and you can live from a place of embodiment.


Learn how to facilitate a class. This is step two of our training. We give you playlists, music, dance map, instructions and all the materials and tools you need to lead a class on your own.



Step three of our training is an opportunity for you to practice teaching. It is an option and not mandatory that you facilitate classes. Some people take the program for their personal development and some decide to teach afterwards.


Step four of our training is mentorship. This is where you receive support on how to create your class, invitation, organize your classes, price your classes, ways to market your classes, and how to start and create a community.




link below for Facilitator Training!

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Biggest Take Away

I never knew that my body could release stress and trauma simply by dancing.

My anxiety went from a ten to a two in just one class, I can't believe it.

The dance was so powerful, I really felt like I went on a healing journey.

If everyone could do this practice there would be no more war.

Thank you so much...

Thank you for helping me heal my body, mind and energy. Your program helped to release the blocks that were holding me back from really experiencing life.

Hi, I'm Arielle Star. I've helped hundreds of people step into an embodied life style with conscious dance at the core.
My awakening came while spending six month in silence, living at an ashram in South India, one day in meditation I received an insight that would change my life forever. 
I've published a book called Heal Through Dance, created a conscious dance studio, facilitator training program and healing arts center. I look forward to sharing more with you soon. 

Work With Me

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Facilitator Training
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Embodiment Series
Goddess Retreat
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The Book
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Healing Session
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Mentorship Session