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Heal Through Dance

Our practice is a blend of ecstatic dance, somatic embodiment, and conscious breath practices. Ecstatic Dance is a free-form movement practice that doesn't have choreography to learn or steps to remember. Somatic Embodiment practices help you get out of your thinking mind and into your body to access your authentic self.


Heal Through Dance is for dancers, beginner and instructors who are interested in ecstatic dance and somatic embodiment. Star's books has gained international attention as one of the leading books for anyone who wants to learn more about ecstatic dance and somatic embodiment practices they can do at home on their own. The book coupled with the online training is a wonderful way to begin your journey with healing dance.

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Check out our free Embodiment Series, and learn practices from the book. Learn how to start a daily movement practice. Take all 5 free classes online, see the link below. This will give you a taste of the somatic movement practices.


Deepen your dance practice when you join the online training. Learn somatic movement and embodiment practices that will help you connect with your body and release unexpressed emotions and trauma that is stored in the body. Take the training for your own personal development or so you can share the dance and facilitate your own classes.

In the training you will learn the map of our dance which includes six elements: earth, water, fire, air, sound and light. Each element correlates with a chakra, a key-code sound, a particular style of music and a somatic movement practice. Join the online course and gain access to all the materials (with over 30+ dynamic videos) immediately, plus get access to our private online community where we ask questions and have discussions. (link below)


Hi, I'm Arielle Star Triana. My students know me as Star and I've helped hundreds of people step into an embodied life style with conscious dance at the core.
My awakening came while spending six month in silence, living at an ashram in South India, one day in meditation I received an insight that would change my life forever, read more about my journey here.

Check Out Our Online Course!

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