Ecstatic Dance is a way for you to become unstuck and flow into a more natural rhythm of life.  The free form movement allows you to open your body, releasing stress and tension. The best part, there are no choreographed moves to learn so you can't do it wrong.  

Ecstatic Dance is a Somatic Healing Practice that directs your focus and awareness down from your mind and into your physical body. It allows you to feel the sensations in your body as a way to connect your mind-body-soul and listen to your intuition.


In our Dance we use our Breath, Sound and Movement to open every cell of our bodies and become more receptive while increasing our stamina, strengthen muscles, elevate mood and balance our weight.

Our practice is a way for us to become in union or in yoga with ourselves, with each other and with the Universe. It's a practice of becoming more aware of ourselves and what's around us, attuning to the natural flow of life and experience more grace and ease in our body-mind-emotions.

"Ecstatic Dance is the new yoga." Star Triana

Each Dance We Begin by Welcoming Everyone...

Set Your Intention, Get Grounded and Warm-Up

Together we bring our awareness from our minds down into our hearts, connect with our bodies and open up to our own unique rhythm of dance and inspired free-form movement. 

Ecstatic dance is freeform movement with light guidance through out the class. Each journey includes a gentle warm-up, peaks of high intensity music, and transitions into peaceful stillness. The music is characterized by the meeting of Conscious Dance with Modern World-beat music.

Without trying, you will feel your body begin to move in new and creative ways, opening you up to living life in a more free and balanced way, without judgement of self or others.


Ecstatic Dance is an amazing way to clear the mind, drop into the body, spark creativity, embody your true essence, and allow your inner child to come out to play!

We end our journey with a cool down which allows everyone to integrate, reflect and enjoy the benefits of relaxation and a natural meditative state.


"Today I had a spiritual awakening in the dance..."

"This is my dance church..."

"I finally found my community, thank you."

"I've never felt so free and alive!"

This class is a safe and sacred container for all participants that attend so we have some rules and guidelines to maintain the integrity of our dance.

-No alcohol, smoking or drugs

-No shoes on the dance floor

-Bring your own water

-Wear comfy clothing you can dance and move in

-Please respect each other space

-If you want to dance with someone, first dance near them and see if they are receptive. If their eyes are closed or don't give you a signal through eye contact, then respect their space and move on with your dance.

-No Conversations on the dance floor. Please enter and leave the space quietly (if you are going to be late or leave early)

-We will have time to share about your experience at the end of class or in a sharing circle.


Become an Embodied Facilitator
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