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Ecstatic Dance The New Yoga
with Star Triana

Ecstatic Dance is the embodiment practice of the divine feminine aspect of the sacred and mystical practices which has been misplaced and lost for many centuries.  It is only recently that we see a re-emergence of the Divine Feminine on the planet.  With the uprising of the feminine energies, we are seeing dance come back into our personal consciousness and the collective consciousness.  It's spreading like wild fire throughout the planet and we are now seeing many types of alternative dance forms come to light.

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What is Ecstatic Dance? It is a general term that is used for the global conscious free-form movement that is happening.  Ecstatic Dance has become a genre of spiritual or conscious dance practices under which there are many modalities.  


Ecstatic Dance is a way for us to become unblocked from patterns and habits in our physical, mental and emotional bodies.  The free-form movement of Ecstatic Dance allows for freedom of exploration, and requires us to use our intuition to guide us.  It is also a fun way to get exercise and increase your healthy and vitality.


It is my passion, purpose and belief that in my life-time, I will see Ecstatic Dance spread to all corners of the world and become just as popular as yoga, if not more.  


I have birthed a unique form of Ecstatic Dance which blends my deep knowledge and understanding of the Seven Chakras, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Breath-work, Kundalini Dance, Energy Healing and Chakra Toning (Chanting Sounds). This is a practice of wholeness which heals the connection between our Body, Mind, and Soul.


If you would like to be a part of the global movement and bring more Ecstatic Dance into your life and into your community, check out the teacher training link below. 

 -Star Triana

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In this video I share some ecstatic dance wisdom that you can use in your daily life right now!

I would love to share more with you at an upcoming training. 

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