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by Star Triana

The Embodiment Practices are movement practices that guide you from your mind down into your body. On my path of awakening, my journey took me to India where I studied to be a yoga and meditation teacher. Although I did receive many benefits and had many profound realizations, there was something missing. After years of meditation and doing practices to send my energy upwards (as in meditation and prayer), I discovered although I could achieve states of samadhi (levels of enlightenment), I was not in my body. 

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My journey of "embodiment" or getting into my body is directly correlated with dance. While living in India, I spent six months in silence. During this time, I had a profound realization or insight that dance would be the next yoga. At first the concept seemed foreign to me and it wasn't until I learned about ecstatic dance in Germany and kundalini dance from Australia that my realization became crystal clear. Dance can be a powerful tool that facilitators can use to guide people back into their bodies. So many people are living only in their minds which creates many psychological imbalances, autoimmune disorders and post traumatic disorders (just to name a few). 

Dance is a practice of Embodiment

If you are starting to wake up or have been on your spiritual path for a long time, it is possible that you are not fully in your body. I have found people who have suffered from PTSD, various autoimmune disorders, depression, loneliness, addiction, compulsive behaviors and chronic pain disorders to not be in their bodies. When you do get in your body, you have an opportunity to feel the sensations that are happening. The sensation in your body is alerting you to information that is trying to be communicated to you.  Often times what we call "pain" is simply our body trying to communicate something to us.  The moment we pay attention and attend to these sensations, that pain dissipates. It is my wish to share this wisdom with you.

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