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Energy Healing

Pleiadian Lightwork is the most effective means for achieving personal growth and spiritual connectedness.  This healing modality holds the space for quantum leaps in your growth while supporting full sensory perception and clearing patterns and blocks along the way.  It is a pivotal landmark where both personal and universal cosmology unite together across sacred geometry.  All illusions stored in the body, mind and emotions are revealed and surrendered through grace.


Benefits of Sessions   are limitless and include discovering negative thought patterns, erroneous neural pathways, entities, implants, energetic parasites, blocks in the Chakras, past life trauma, and relating physical "pain" in the body to specific negative thoughts. Discover original triggers and negative thought patterns and release them at a cellular level. Release fear, anxiety and pain in the body.


Energy Healing Sessions   are a blend of Wisdom, Intuitive Readings, Breath, Meditation, Visualization, and Pleiadian Lightwork tools and techniques based on each individuals needs and what they need to release in order to heal. Sessions are done via Skype or In-Person. 


Hi, I'm Star Triana 

I've helped hundreds of people through their evolutionary and spiritual growth process, and have seen many clients take leaps and bounds to the next level in their career, relationships and personal goals. My sessions and classes are comprehensive and incorporate a life-time of study and experience of both Eastern and Western lineages for a holistic approach to healing. 

I had the amazing opportunity this week to experience a Pleadian Healing session with my fellow Goddess and very powerful healer Star at Jaistar Studios. I have witnessed a profound shift in how I feel and in my perspectives on life from this session. Star is a highly conscious channel and pure being, and masterful in her work. She held space for me to clear stuck energy in major centers of my body in such a way that a huge life-long and intergenerational pattern, and several connected ones, released. I saw various images and memories and situations from my past evaporate from me in such a way that since then I feel very loving, light-hearted, free-spirited, and relaxed, plus a clear view is emerging of where I am headed in these next months in terms of evolving my life into alignment with my highest ideals. I feel confident and powerful at a whole new level. Thank you Star- you are a Star!!   ~Kena Raquel Custage "Rohi" Breath Coach & Reiki Teacher


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