conscious movement

This is where the physical meets the spiritual for a Mind-Body-Soul experience. Our mind, body, and energy are all interconnected in a holistic way, with this knowledge we have created a beautiful dance practice. 
Blending together the love of Ecstatic Dance with the benefits of fitness and the serenity of meditation our classes and trainings take an Embodied approach which means they help you get out of our mind and down in your body.


heal through dance

Connect with yourself more deeply, balance your weight, increase endurance, awaken body awareness and have fun. Come and release stress and tension, let your psyche unwind so you can listen to your body and tap into your Intuition and the voice of Love.
Our Embodiment Practices offer somatic ways of moving the physical body which activates the energetic body or subtle bodies. Embodied Movement comes from a place of feeling vs thinking and this supports us to use our innate wisdom of our body.


our dance practice

Ecstatic dance and Conscious movement are at the core of our practice which is infused with grounding meditations that get you in your body and conscious ways of breathing that help you release stagnant energy and blocks from your mind-body-energy.
Experience conscious movement and free-form dance that releases oxytocin and increases your life-force energy. Unlike other forms of dance and movement, this one is done with conscious awareness and intention.


weekly dances

Join JaiStar Studios co-creators Star & Jaime for a deejayed conscious dance and live music meditation. This class blends ecstatic dance, somatic movement and world-beat tribal music.
Join JaiStar Studios certified ecstatic dance facilitators for a class designed for women blending together conscious dance, chakra wisdom and shakti divine feminine energy.
1st & 3rd Star Triana
2nd Amy Shine
4th Hanna Sheff
Join JaiStar Studios certified ecstatic dance facilitators for a community ecstatic dance that incorporates conscious movement, breath, sound and music for a world-beat journey.
2nd & 4th Star Triana
1st & 3rd Hanna Sheff
CLASS 90min | $20

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