Life Upgrade Session



Ready for a dynamic shift in your life?

Does it feel like something is blocking or preventing or working against you?


Our mind and thoughts govern our body and how we feel. Unconscious thoughts could be creating things in your life you don't want.


2Hour Session 

We begin with a consultation and discovery conversation and a guided meditation. 

You will be asked a series of questions that will help your subconscious dump out any negative thoughts and personal lies. 

The next part of your session, you will lay down for a powerful breathing and healing session where you will begin to release the thoughts from your lower mind and from any place in your body where they manifest as pain, tension or stress.


Receive Homework...

You will receive home-work and healing tools specifically for you that will support your continued journey of healing and integration at home after your session.


GIFT: You receive an audio recording of the guided meditation from your session so you can continue on your own at home.


*It's best if you can allow for integration time after your session. You may feel like taking a nap or journaling or contemplating.

Healing Testimonial

Star Triana's sessions are  amazing, light-filled experiences.  I have received breathwork sessions, kundalini and chakra clearing work with her, as well as used her meditations and journal questions.  I have found them all to be profound.  Star has the ability to hold sacred space in a way that allows a phenomenal clearing.  When leaving her sessions, I always feel heard, lighter, and brighter.  Her insights, tools, and spirit facilitates deep shifts that help you remember your higher self.  It's amazing what you can do online, as our sessions were on skype.  We even did some movement work that reminded me of the shamanic healing space using primal sounds.  I am freer as a result of my encounters and sessions with Star Triana and highly recommend her-Ariah Firefly 

Life Upgrade


In a 2hour session experience yourself being rebirthed into the new you!! Deeply release all false beliefs and personal lies that are creating unwanted thoughts, experiences and relationship. Your session will begin with an interview where you are asked a series of questions.  Discover your blocks and then clear them in the second part of your session.  in the second part of your sessions you will be guided through a powerful breath process.

After your session receive a comprehensive follow-up email with what you cleared in your session, Affirmations and home-work to support your continued healing and progress. 

YOUR FIRST SESSION: Is a 2hour comprehensive session which will take you 2weeks up to a month to integrate and complete your home-work.

YOU WILL RECEIVE: A guided meditation audio file via email along with your home-work, in your follow up email.

FOLLOW UP EMAIL: Will give you an over view of what we address in your session. This will be a daily reminder for your continued healing.

Package of Three
$180 each
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