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The Detox

cleanse with herbs

Digestive Detox & Cleanse

It's hard to cut out sugars and junky foods if you are full of parasites. The parasites live off of acidic environments, candida, virus and all the starch and sugary foods that help create this type of environment.  


When you have an over growth of Parasites, they become large colonies of animals who are void of love and collectively have dense and negative thought forms. They can cloud your brain and make you feel foggy as well as exhausted and tired all of the time.



To begin killing off Candida first with high doses of strong Oil of Oregano (with 85% Carvacrol).  This is what gives the oil of oregano it's pungent smell.


Garlic is also supposed to be a great medicine (when taken on empty stomach alone - not mixed with food).  However because it makes you smell like Garlic, which can be a real turn off, I have decided to use Oil of Oregano instead in this particular cleanse.


How do I kill my Parasites: Using 4 MAIN HERBS








PHASE ONE: 17-20 days approx.

1. OIL OREGANO (with 85% Carvacrol)

3x per day, fill a small gel cap with oil or orgeno.

Take 30-45minutes after each meal.



During Phase two, you will take three different herbs each day for approx. 21 days.


2. PHASE TWO:  WORM-WOOD (Powder Form)

Take 3x per day, 30-40minutes before food.

After five days, increase to two capsules.

After ten days, increase to three capsules.


3. CLOVE (buy powder form and put in capsules)

Take 3x per day, 30-40minutes after food.

After five days, increase to two capsules.

After ten days, increase to three capsules.


4. BLACK WALNUT (buy tincture and put in water)

Take tincture in water, each morning on empty stomach.

After five days, increase amount by half.

After ten days, increase amount to double.


AFTER PHASE 1 & 2, GET A COLONIC & Then Liver Gallbladder Cleanse.


Each herb kills a different part of the parasites life cycle. I suggest taking the herbs each separately, don't buy pills that have all the herbs combined. 


Getting Colonics is also an important part of detoxing and should be incorporated to your detox and cleanse. Do a colonic before you start and then do one in-between Phase One and Phase Two and then at the end when it's all done.


Once the Detox is completed, you will want to do a LIVER / GALLBLADDER Cleanse because parasites will escape into these organs to save themselves during the cleanse. Look up on line the best way to do this. It takes one full day.


All of my suggestions are based on Helda Clarks research.

Here is her recipe and suggestions for the Liver-Gallbladder Cleanse, CLICK HERE.


Happy Cleansing!

-Star Triana


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