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Star Triana

How does dance heal you?

Dance promotes wellness as it teaches an individual to mitigate, eliminate and avoid stress and the side effects such as chronic fatigue, illness and disease in the body. 

Dance aids in the healing process as a person gains flexibility in the body, which ripples out through the mind as one becomes less rigid in their thinking. Dance gives the mover a vehicle to create ecstatic states in the body, which alters mood and emotions by bringing about feelings of bliss and joy. Dance conditions a dancer to be more familiar with their physical body and how it moves, which brings mastery of movement through extended practice. When an individual is dancing, they can get connected with their body and allow their focus to shift from the mind to the body, which allows another way for people to connect with stressors, emotions, triggers and trauma that is stored in the body. 

The body can become rigid and stiff with a stagnation of thoughts, feelings, and emotions especially in states of depression, grief and periods of sadness. Dance can bring about movement that can break up this stagnation and support the healthy physiological function of our body. Not only can an individual release the unexpressed emotions, they can also have shifts in their mood as the body produces hormones and chemicals that have an uplifting effect (seretonin, oxytocin  

If you are over extending yourself in life, and leaking your energy out, your Aura may be too dispersed.

When your Aura is too dispersed or spread out in unawareness, this is when you are most likely to pick up unwanted energies and/or other people's energy.

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