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In the Somatic Embodiment & Ecstatic Dance Teacher Training you will receive all the tools you need to become a facilitator who guides groups through an embodied awakening of the Mind-Body-Energy connection using Ecstatic Dance and Conscious movement, meditations, energy healing and embodiment practices that awaken higher levels of consciousness.


who is the training for

This training is for personal development as well as for those who wish to step into a sacred leadership role and facilitate; and for those who wish to live a more embodied lifestyle.

 A big part of this program is healing your Mind-Body-Energy. This program addresses the whole self: Body, Mind, Energy and Emotions.
Learn tons of practical wisdom like how to protect your energetic field and not pick up unwanted energies during your classes, client sessions and every day life.
Embody the wisdom you receive with daily practices that you will required to do to maintain your energetic level (high vibration) and keeping your mind-body-energy balanced.
Receive all the tools you need to teach and facilitate your own conscious dance, creating experiences that are filled with wisdom and depth.
Blend the wisdom you receive from this training with your own unique Gifts & Talents and create inspired classes, experiences and workshops of your own.


what to expect

Become an Empowered Sacred Leader and Ecstatic dance practitioner and facilitator. Learn how to facilitate somatic ways of moving the body that will get people in their body body, feeling more deeply.

Learn dance techniques for awakening, cultivating and moving energy through your mind, body and energetic field in a way that promotes deep release, integration and healing.

Learn how to create playlists for your class that will support the flow you wish to create. Learn about BPM and receive dance maps with examples of playlists and music.
Learn how to create sacred space, clear negative energy from the space and keep everyone safe during your dance journey.

Infuse new and powerful practices into your daily life, classes, relationships, client sessions and all that you do.


what others are saying

This training has helped me in multiple ways both personally and professionally. I feel more grounded and in touch with my body which translates into less physical pain and more ease in movement. Through the daily use of the chakra clearing techniques I have noticed that I am able to keep my vibration high throughout the day which means that all of my interactions are easier and more fluid. I have an increased sense of confidence in who I am and I have noticed clients responding to that with increased confidence in what I can provide for them.

The whole training felt like an initiation to me. I had experiences while dancing and being in the space that connected me to a deeper and more ancient part of myself. I have led goddess circles and practiced different self-realization techniques for years and this training brought it all together for me. Rachel Shapairo

Calling All

that resonate with this

Coaches, Yoga teachers, Dance facilitators, Energy healers, Fitness instructors, Holistic health practitioners, therapists, and anyone that wants to bring more dance into their lives, this is an exquisite way to do it.

This training is perfect for anyone wanting to be an Ecstatic Dance DJ & facilitator or for anyone who wants to create their own unique conscious dance offering and just needs the tools to do it.

This training is great for anyone who wants to be a community leader, and bring new ways of working and being into their lives. 

This training is for anyone who wants to get more in their body and balance between their analytical mind and their creative side.

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