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We love helping our clients find the perfect sanctuary that they can call home. We offer home blessings and sage cleansing to help clear the previous owners energy and create a clear clean sacred space.

There is nothing better then seeing the smiles on our clients faces as they enter their new home for the first time. Your home is your sanctuary where you come to recharge. It should reflect you and make you happy each time you come home. 


We look forward to meeting you.


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We respond within 24Hours to email.

ABOUT JAISTAR, A team made in the stars, Jaime and Star Triana take a conscious approach to helping their clients discover what it is they are looking for, what it is they need and then finding the perfect fit for them.  Their goal goes way beyond making a sale or getting a listing, they want to form long lasting relationships built on trust and understanding. 


JaiStar, as they are lovingly known by friends and family, have created trust over the past 12 years in their well known yoga studio in downtown Lake Worth Beach. Star and Jaime became realtors so they could help their community relocate to Florida, find vacation homes and create conscious community in South Florida.  They not only help people learn how to meditate, they can also help you find the best real estate that suits your needs.


Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity, vacation condo, or your next home, JaiStar’s approach is a unique approach that gives buyers and sellers the feeling that they have a team who really cares, along with making your experience efficient and effective.

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