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Jaime Triana and Arielle Star


We take a conscious approach with all of our client services and offerings. We are a heart centered Soul-Flame couple who have come together in love, marriage, music, dance and healing for the planet.


Experience healing dance and transformational shifts with deep Soul remembrance in a practice that brings you from your mind down into your body.

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New Release - Heal Through Dance, a guidebook for creating somatic movement and ecstatic dance practices. Get a copy at our studio events or online at the link below.


Get a sneak peak into an ecstatic dance and somatic embodiment class. Hear from the participants what this practice has done for them.


Embody the Key Codes from the Heal Through Dance book in one of our classes, workshops or trainings. The embodiment practices help you to live life to the fullest and connect with your higher self.



Awaken the music that you have within you as you embody your authentic voice and birth your vision into reality with all the support you need. 

If you have a song or album of music that you would like to birth, we have a full service recording studio with pre and post production services!

If you have a block preventing you from accessing your authentic voice, we can support you in a private healing session. 

Chanting or Singing is a form of Bhakti yoga and pathway to connecting with yourself and the divine. The words you utter have a high vibration and a conscious message. By repeating these songs, you begin to create new neural pathways in your mind. Check our event page for next concert.



We have been creating conscious community over the last decade in the artistic town of Lake Worth Beach, Florida.  We are licensed realtors.

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